Nature Journaling

 Have you ever thought about comparing your personal growth to nature?

Even if you are a person that does not enjoy writing a lot, journaling allows you to create your own style, and you can choose the length and format of your writing. Journaling is the practice of writing and expressing your thoughts in order to have a more clear understanding of them.  

Journaling helps with mental health distress and other issues. It is a private space for you and only you! It allows you to cope with depressive symptoms, manage anxiety, and reduce stress, According to the Health Encyclopedia website from the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Now, when you choose to incorporate nature into your journaling journey it enhances the ability to help reduce these problems. It is a way to connect with your environment and to better understand the world you live in. Spending time with nature is essential for our wellbeing. American Psychological Association article Nurtured by Nature  reviews the work of Gregory Bratman and colleagues at the University of Washington, who find evidence that “contact with nature is associated with increases in happiness, subjective well-being, positive affect, positive social interactions and a sense of meaning and purpose in life, as well as decreases in mental distress” (Science Advances, Vol. 5, No. 7, 2019).  

Nature is in constant change even when we do not realize just like humans, comparing your self growth to nature is a way to begin your journaling journey, realizing that change is needed in order grow as a person.

Here is an example of a simple journal entry:


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