Alice Cao

I like being outside because of the fresh air and clearing my mind. I’ve taken all my classes virtually, going outside is extra special due to the fact I’ve spent most of my time indoors. 

                                                                      – Alice Cao

Jasmeena’s Story.

“Nature for my family and I is a form of escape. We leave everything behind and try to look at life with a new perspective. It makes us happy and gives us a fresh breath of air each time. As a mother of a disabled kid, going outside and nature is his main way of freedom. It makes him happy and allows him to feel happy and free. Going outside also allows my kids to interact with each other and the scenery around them. Every time we go out and see the trees and the sea we remind ourselves that there are things in life to always look forward to in any situation. We meet new people who give me advice. It also shows my kids how to be respectful of not only each other but the space around them.”  

  • Jasmeena Masudi 

Being outside brings me peace…

“I love the summertime. Practicing yoga and working out in my backyard when the weather allows is my favorite part of each day. At the end of my workouts, I cool down with a brief meditation. Laying on my mat, feeling the calm breeze on my skin with the sun shining down, birds chirping in the background. It’s perfect. When I’m not working out in my backyard, I choose to go for walks around my neighborhood. I like passing by smiling faces as I take my strolls, since the summer weather brings people out of their homes. Sometimes I listen to music or podcasts. Other times I skip the headphones and listen to the sounds of the rustling trees. Being outside brings me peace.”

-Taylor Oshana