I always feel encouraged…

“Whenever I feel excited or depressed, I like to go to a park and take a walk. There is a park named “Lake of Wood” which has a lovely pond and a forest. I walk and take time contemplating about myself – my goals and plans. After spending some peaceful time in the park, I always feel encouraged and motivated to move on to the next step. Sometimes, the scenery in the park inspires me to write a poem.”

#humansinnature #getouside
Regina Ahn, PhD Student, UIUC

My mind doesn’t have to think about anything else


“One of my favorite things about being in this environment is that it is serene. I’m surrounded by so much life but yet it’s so peaceful. It’s not the sort of life you’d find in the hustle and bustle of a city, it’s quiet, it’s calming, it’s mine to explore. In the woods there are beautiful things to look at and many sounds to hear. My mind doesn’t have to think about anything else, just be at rest and notice the little things. This environment makes me feel peace and makes me feel joy.” #Humansinnature #GetOutside

Being present in endless green nature, makes me feel relaxed, energetic and passionate


“Being present in endless green nature, makes me feel relaxed, energetic and passionate. Being outdoor ignites feelings like positive, meaningfulness, and vitality in me – always felt like a positive escape from a daily life stresses. This leads to more free and relaxed mind. Besides from general mind and health advantages, natural environment always teaches me new things. By having an infinite calming effect, the environment perfectly shows how the world is living in harmony from endless plants to endangered animals. Moreover; nature connects, soothes and restores me” #humansinnature #getoutside

I Love noticing the variety of colors that I see in the landscape


“The SW is not like anywhere else I’ve visited the terrain is very mountainous and the vegetation consist mostly scrub land with scattered juniper and pine forests. However, outdoors is always teaming with life, birds especially. People here love being outdoors hiking riding exploring . In New Mexico the sun shines more than 300days each year and there is no aweful humidity. I Love noticing the variety of colors that I see in the landscape. Rock collecting is now my favorite thing to do..”