Killian Schaffer

Having children is a gift in so many ways, and appreciating nature more was one of the bigger surprises I received when I became a parent. Time slows, I become more curious about the world, and I explore and share discoveries with my loved ones. It makes me feel alive when I learn something new about our world, and I feel like a proper father when I can share my fascination with my family. I never knew what a cactus looked like on the inside until just last December. I love the constant “wow” you get if you just pay attention to the world.

Movies in Nature: Captain Fantastic

Can “Philosopher Kings” make it in the “real world”?

What if you could live in an idyllic setting far from other people and raise kids without technology or the typical pressures and influences of the “civilized world”? What knowledge and skills should they develop to survive and thrive? How would you teach them? In this 2016 movie written and directed by Matt Ross, Viggo Mortenson plays a devoted father raising six children “off the grid”. A tragedy forces the family to journey into the outside world and tests the values and bonds the family has worked to create. The movie weaves drama and humor into a story of a parent facing judgement for their choices, but facing the inevitable: children growing up and having to make their own choices.

Warning: while the movie features the beauty and wonders of nature, the opening scene is filled with tension and brief violence that is not present for the rest of the movie.