Limited Series in Nature: Night on Earth

Have you noticed that it is getting darker earlier? Has it affected what you see in nature? Have you ever wondered how nature may change in the dark?

“When the light fades, a new world awakens”

Night on Earth is a limited series on Netflix that reveals the hidden lives of nature’s creatures during the night. Each episode features different forms of nature, species, and lifestyles! This series allows us to see things that we normally could not due to light exposure, location, and danger.

Below is a trailer for the series, and you can click here to view it on Netflix!

Benefits of Growing Flowers and How to Get Started

Growing flowers and other types of gardening is beneficial for yourself, your family, and the environment. It can improve your health, help other plants grow, and save money. It can also help you learn from local farmers! In this article, you will learn about three reasons you should grow flowers, follow one person’s journey of growing dahlias, and get some advice on how to get started!

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Art & Nature

In a recent article, we discussed the importance of nature in art and how various artists use nature to inspire them. For this article, we explore how art and nature can be purposeful and sustainable throughout time. These ideas can allow individuals to be inspired while impacting the natural environment that they are in. We also list museums and outdoor places with art in nature or are inspired by this combination.

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The Importance of Nature in Art

People use art to help their well-being but also to draw attention to societal changes and issues. The combination of art and nature allows people to explore the natural world, create more profound meaning for themselves, and connect people through understanding and viewing their artwork. This article will discuss the importance of integrating art and nature and how various artists used nature to inspire them.

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