Top 5 Most Inclusive National Parks in the U.S.

Much research has been done on how national parks have historically not inclusive for all Americans. The staff and visitors have been primarily able-bodied, but the need for more inclusivity in the parks has been acknowledged. There have been many steps taken and parks continue to develop programs and facilities to encourage visitors of all backgrounds to enjoy national parks and all that they have to offer. Here are some parks to inspire people of all backgrounds to get outside.

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Benefits of Communication within Nature Settings

Research shows that the nature aspect of the outdoors plays a large factor in the way we communicate with one another.

Having conversations with one another outdoors might be easier and result in more positive outcomes compared to conversations we may have indoors. The overall points and topics of our conversations may not change in the different settings, but being outdoors may influence the way we perceive these conversations as well as the quality of interactions. A variety of studies suggest that spending time outside may improve our daily interactions. 

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Healing with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, once a technological innovation only accessible to a select few, has been making strides within the consumer market. This has led to virtual reality now being increasingly more accessible to everyday consumers. 

This is exciting for consumers and their families as they will now be able to access a limitless virtual dimension. Although current efforts are focused on gaming and entertainment, researchers have been working to explore virtual reality as an effective tool for therapy and emotional wellbeing.

One promising area of research is the use of a simulated nature setting in order to evoke the benefits of actually being in nature. Being able to isolate just the audio and visual aspects of nature can help to further our understanding of how nature psychologically affects us. Furthering our understanding of this phenomenon could be beneficial to those who are physically unable or unwilling to physically experience nature.

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Benefits of Working out Outside

Working out is an important part of health and wellness. The typical guidelines tell you to get around 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week which ends up being about 30 minutes- 5 days a week. Instead of asking yourself if you should workout or not, the question should be “should i workout indoors or outdoors?” 

Working out outdoors can provide a lot of benefits for your mental and physical health. Some of these benefits include getting some fresh air, you activate more muscles when you are working out outdoors, cheaper, and you get your daily dose of vitamin D. 

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