The Positive Effects of Nature Indoors

What happens when you bring nature indoors? This infographic summarizes some of positive effects on people.


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Psychological Benefits of Green Exercise


Exercise has been shown to improve psychological well-being. However, new research provides evidence that green exercise, which is exercising outdoors, has additional benefits. One study compared 4 groups of participants. The first group, called the green control group, cycled outdoors in greenery while the second group, the indoor control group, cycled indoors. The third and fourth groups watched a promotional video on the benefits of green exercise. The third group known as the green-expectancy group watched the video then cycled outdoors and the fourth group known as the indoor-expectancy group cycled indoors after watching the video. Once the exercise was completed, attitudes toward green exercise, vigor, perceived exertion, and self-esteem were assessed, as well as how knowing the positive effects of outdoor exercise before working out can improve the overall benefits.

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