The Positive Effects of Nature Indoors

What happens when you bring nature indoors? This infographic summarizes some of positive effects on people.


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Animal Assisted Therapy


Inequalities in Nature: Communities

Natural areas provide communities with a space for recreation and a resource for improved physical and mental health. However, many families do not have access to nature due to the community and resources available to them. In this article, we will discuss several inequalities in nature and what families and policymakers can do to combat this problem.

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Common and Ambiguous Scents of the Outdoors

According to Jan Holden (2006), “smell influences the brain functions that link memory, behavior, and emotion”. When people smell particular objects from the outdoors, ideas and existing memories flow into their heads. For instance, when people smell flowers, there is a general consensus that it has a pleasant floral smell. We give flowers on Valentine’s day or place them on the graves of our loved ones due to their lovely sight and aroma. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for everyone to agree that flowers are just floral, blissful plants. However, not all scents conjure the same image for everyone.

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Connect with Nature During Winter with Greenhouses

Throughout the warm months of spring and summer, people spend time in nature by walking and enjoying fresh air, planting flowers, and much more. During the winter months it becomes increasingly hard to spend time with nature like we normally do. Luckily, there may be a solution: greenhouses. With the use of greenhouses throughout the winter months, people can change their winter experiences for the better by increasing their contact with nature even when it’s cold outside!

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