Limited Series in Nature: Night on Earth

Have you noticed that it is getting darker earlier? Has it affected what you see in nature? Have you ever wondered how nature may change in the dark?

“When the light fades, a new world awakens”

Night on Earth is a limited series on Netflix that reveals the hidden lives of nature’s creatures during the night. Each episode features different forms of nature, species, and lifestyles! This series allows us to see things that we normally could not due to light exposure, location, and danger.

Below is a trailer for the series, and you can click here to view it on Netflix!

Explore Nature with Live Streaming Cameras!

Have you ever wanted to see certain animals in nature or watch magnificent sights but weren’t able to because of the geographical distance? Perhaps you have always wanted to view a sunset at the Santa Monica beach and pier, see pipeline surfing in action on Ehukai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii, and witness the dazzling waves of light mainly seen in high latitude regions, otherwise known as the northern lights (aurora borealis). People around the world, with the assistance of new technological advances of live streaming cameras, can watch these amazing sights of the nature on

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Movies in Nature: The Sound of Music

The musical film The Sound of Music portrays the beautiful landscape of Austria. In the opening scene, Maria von Trapp, played by Julie Andrews, prances in a field in front of the stunning Untersberg mountain. The movie focus on Maria and her new job as a governess for the von Trapp family. Maria falls in love with the father, Captain von Trapp, and his children adore her. The couple gets married and moves the family out of Austria to flee from the Nazis.

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