Spooky Nature: The Sailing Stones, Death Valley

Nature can be beautiful, inspiring, and calming but it can also be downright spooky. Certain natural phenomena can create very unique situations and such is the case in Death Valley with the sailing stones. Death Valley National Park is located on the border between California and Nevada and it is known for its extremely hot weather. A dry lake bed called Racetrack Playa is home to rocks from a few ounces to hundreds of pounds which appear to move across the ground with no gravitational cause. The movement of these rocks leaves trails along the dry lake bed making them appear to have moved all on their own.

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Are Humans Getting Too Removed From Nature?

With so many amazing technological advancements, it can be hard to connect back with nature when it feels so far removed. We know how beneficial nature is for our overall well-being and how important it is for us to maintain that connection. Nature has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, improve your mood, improve your physical health, along with so many other benefits. So are humans today really more disconnected from nature than in the past or is that just an illusion? And if we are more disconnected from nature today than in the past, should that be a cause for concern?

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Does Where You Live Impact Your Health?

With such variation in climate and altitude across our planet, it is interesting to see how these variations can impact our overall health and wellbeing. To find out more about how where you live can impact your health, check out the video below!


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Improving Access to Nature for People With Disabilities

How can we make nature more accessible for people with disabilities?

Those who spend lots of time in nature on hiking trails and visiting local/state/national parks know how helpful it can be to have well-maintained trails and proper signage. Many parks don’t take this into consideration and what most don’t realize is how inaccessible these nature spots become, especially for people living with with disabilities. Having access to nature is beneficial to people of all ages, races, income groups, and abilities. Living with a disability can impact all different types of people at any age, so how can we make nature more accessible to these people?

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