Monica: Week 1

Wednesday 3/25

I studied at my apartment in order to finish two exams the following day so I wouldn’t have a lot to do during my weekend. Studying is something that all students are doing during this time; however, what I did that made this stress-relieving was turned on my Christmas white lights I have in my living room and lit up a candle.

Thursday 3/26

I am an early bird and sleep very late as well. This means that it makes my day longer in my opinion; therefore, I must find things to keep me busy. So what I did to reduce stress and restore my attention was open my balcony door to let air in, made a yogurt parfait, opened the blinds to let light in, and sat on my couch to watch a quick episode of “Containment” on Netflix (I recommend it!) before my first class started.

It’s the little things that count.

Friday 3/27

If I can’t go to Dunkin as often as I liked to, I’ll find a way to have my iced coffee. So… I just finished making a DIY iced coffee I saw from TikTok while I took notes for my only class this morning. It was actually very good and in turn, boosted my positive emotions.

Saturday 3/28

I arrived home and will only be here in Chicago for a few days since I can not concentrate on homework here. But I must admit the 2 hours and 30-minute drive really made me miss being outside and overall boosted positive emotions along with restored my attention.

You may not believe when I say this but getting outside of my apartment and into my car was VERY pleasant because I was able to breathe the fresh air and I wanted to go for a walk.

The outdoors is a good way to spend time with others…

As a child, I was never inside playing video games or stuck sitting behind a glowing screen like today’s generation. I have always been one to prefer being outdoors. Even now when I have an option to get on the next upcoming bus, I prefer to walk to class instead. I encounter new experiences such as seeing people that I’ve never seen before. Each day, I see a different face, never the same one. The outdoors is a good way to spend time with others because you can encounter new experiences with someone else rather than being non-verbally inhibited by social media.

-Adrian Reynoso