Improving Access to Nature for People With Disabilities

How can we make nature more accessible for people with disabilities?

Those who spend lots of time in nature on hiking trails and visiting local/state/national parks know how helpful it can be to have well-maintained trails and proper signage. Many parks don’t take this into consideration and what most don’t realize is how inaccessible these nature spots become, especially for people living with with disabilities. Having access to nature is beneficial to people of all ages, races, income groups, and abilities. Living with a disability can impact all different types of people at any age, so how can we make nature more accessible to these people?

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Why People Don’t Go Outside: Promoting Empathy and Action

The benefits of being outdoors are well-known in scientific literature. However, these benefits assume that the individual has the ability to experience nature in a straightforward way, and that they do not face barriers in access. Here are some reasons that individuals may not go outside, and some tips on how to combat barriers that may be beyond the individual’s control.

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