Can We Live Off the Toughest Plants on Earth?

Weeds are defined by many dictionaries as “a valueless plant growing wild, especially one that grows on cultivated ground to the exclusion or injury of the desired crop.” Whenever most people hear the word weed, they imagine a pest, a plant that is meant to hurt crops, food supply and overall environment. But could weeds also be an easy to grow source of important nutrition?

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Movies in Nature: The Lorax

Teaching Kids the Importance of Nature

Movies that portray nature in an important and key aspect to the plots and that I believe have impact in our society are those targeted to kids, for example The Lorax. In the Lorax, we are introduced to a little creature who’s whole mission is to “speak for the trees.” In that universe people lack the understanding that when there is greed when it comes to nature, no one ends up winning. The main character, the Once-ller tells the story of how trees disappeared due to his greed of cutting down as many as he can see in order to make sweaters. Movies like these that place emphasis on the environment and on preserving it are important as they encourage kids to care for nature and everything that encompasses it. For example its animals and its flora. Movies like these are important as they portray nature in a mysterious, astonishing and overall important way to the youth.

How Nature has Affected Me

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I believe that there are many ways that nature can affect a person. I have had the privilege of being shaped by nature since a young age. Ever since I was young I got the opportunity to participate with my mother in gardening. This helped me and her bond at a young age and helped me start using nature as a form of destressing from school.

Nature also was a place that I wanted to explore. In my own backyard, in campus going to the Japan House and Idea Garden, and studying abroad seeing the forest in the middle of Ecuador.

Being outside also gave me the opportunity to also start to better my lifestyle as I ate what I planted and I ran outside to clear my mind. This allowed me to loose about 100 lbs in 2-3 years. Overall, being outside has had many advantages in my life, and I believe that it has been the same situation with many other people. This is why I want to increase the comfortableness of people in nature and the exposuredness.