Holiday Trees & The Environment

As we approach the winter holidays, many traditions such as tree picking commence. These holiday months have a big negative impact on the environment and many people don’t realize it. Every year, people take advantage of holiday sales such as black Friday and therefore increase our carbon footprint by 6% more than the rest of the year. 

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Spooky Animals & Nature: NOPE!

Have you ever encountered an odd looking nature phenomenon? Many animals in nature often create their habitats based on the material around them, including man made objects. Nature learns to adapt to its surroundings and often, it can send shivers down your spine. Minerals, rocks and other natural resources often take shape in odd looking things, creating the illusion that it is something sinister. This collection of photographs will certainly make you turn the other way! As spooky festivities come to and end, here is a list of 42 times Nature made us say NOPE (WARNING: This list might be too scary for you)”.

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Nature’s Effects on Quality of Sleep

Sleep is a restorative process where our body heals us in complex ways. We all know the benefits of nature on overall health, but what about sleep? In what way does nature have a physiological effect on our sleep quality?

In today’s modern society, technology, work, school, and other factors can negatively affect our quality of sleep due to the stress that accompanies them. Poor quality of sleep is linked to health risks such as diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, and even poor immune system functioning. It is important to acknowledge that as our lives become more entangled with responsibilities, it is crucial to maintain good sleep habits and rituals. One practice that could help is to spend time in nature.

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Personal Story: Elida

Embracing nature to the fullest has been one of the biggest nurturing aspects of my life. Growing up, I was taught the benefits and magic of herbal and natural remedies. These teachings along with outdoor excursions have followed me into adulthood. As I continue to explore new places and learn more about our earth, I have become more aware of what I need to do to conserve it and taught others the beauty of being outdoors!