Connect with Nature During Winter with Greenhouses

Throughout the warm months of spring and summer, people spend time in nature by walking and enjoying fresh air, planting flowers, and much more. During the winter months it becomes increasingly hard to spend time with nature like we normally do. Luckily, there may be a solution: greenhouses. With the use of greenhouses throughout the winter months, people can change their winter experiences for the better by increasing their contact with nature even when it’s cold outside!

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Beauty in Gray Days

Here in the Midwest, the glorious fall days give way to what seems to be a winter of endless overcast days and bare tree branches. On one particularly dreary day I decided to “practice what I preach” on my walk to work by trying to see with fresh eyes by letting my mind wander and paying attention to whatever caught my attention in the moment.

Here is what I saw on my 20-minute walk through my neighborhood.

The limbs on trees were bare, but it made it easier to appreciate the bark on trunks!

The forecast calls for the possibility of snow in the coming days – perhaps blizzard conditions! I’m wondering what a walk then will bring!