Mother nature’s history in The Rings of Power

J.R.R Tolkien’s work has been brought to life once again with the Amazon Prime TV show, The Rings of Power, based on The Silmarillion. The Rings of Power connects the lore of middle earth to our natural surroundings. The dwarves, Harfoots, elves, and orcs are all races of creatures in middle earth.

Dwarves are miners from thee misty mountains. These creatures are taller than Harfoots but smaller than humans. You can find them mining for natural recourses in order to make armor. Such as Mithril, a lightweight silver metal, that is so strong it cannot bee easily destroyed.

The Harfoots (the ancestors of the hobbits), also called the little folk, survive by digging burrows in order to hide from “the big folk” aka humans. They are simple creatures who respect their land and are always on the move, never staying in one place for too long. They travel with portable homes, called caravans, that are decorated with leaves and sticks to help camouflage into their natural surroundings. Harfoots prefer to live on hillsides, highlands, and holes on the ground. They use a designated elder in their group to be the trail finder, who uses the star-book to aid in their migration.

Elves are mystical immortal creatures who serve as wise beings in middle earth. They are considered very beautiful, taller than humans, and great in battle. Also known as healers, they use plants and their magic to heal others. The live in great realms in mountains and forests across middle earth. Elves got their light from the two trees of Valinor, later destroyed by the dark lord Morgoth. The trees gave a flower and fruit before decaying, now representing the sun and moon that will forever shine light over middle earth.

And finally Orcs, evil creations of Morgoth, are corrupted elves. They can also be created in the ground, hatching like maggots. They represent chaos and destruction. Burning trees and causing deforestation across middle earth in order to make armor and weapons.

Which of these forces of good and evil will prevail?

(2022). The Rings of Power [Photograph]. Prime Video.

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