Our Pets Take Us Outdoors

There are many reasons to be thankful for the pets that have become our best friends today. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck in 2020, many people found comfort in their companion animals as they were quarantined. However, pets have also inspired their owners to go outside more, allowing both owner and pets to enjoy the beauties of nature. According to the article Dog ownership, the natural outdoor environment and health: a cross-sectional study, “dog walking has been identified as a simple way of promoting physical activity”. However, it’s not just dogs, other companion animals have inspired their owners to go out and explore nature more. For instance, in the article, Bird Medicine And Surgery, bird owners can”use their outside time as your excuse to sit down alongside them, and make time to read that magazine or book”(David J). Many owners such as bird owners are encouraged to take their pets outdoors to enjoy the beauties of nature along with their companions while doing a fun hobby such as reading. There are many students who are able to emphasize more on how their companions have encouraged them to enjoy the outdoors more!

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