Maya Kusch

Spring 2021

Maya Kusch is a Human Development and Family Studies major, with a concentration in Family Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Post-graduation, she aims to further her formal education through a graduate program for a Masters of Business Administration. Throughout her college career, Maya has also maintained employment working outdoors with nature. When UIUC courses are not in session, she is working at an outdoor aerial ropes course in Lemont, IL. Previously, she has worked as a zip line course instructor at Bemis Woods Forest Preserve and also has working experience in swim school instructing. Maya is very passionate about the outdoors and traveling. When she is not working on HIN; or uniquely benefiting from working outdoors, Maya also enjoys playing guitar, engages in personal fitness and promotes well-being.

Personal Story About Maya

Since I was born in the water, I like to believe that I’m a water person at heart. Whether a pool, lake, or beach, I am often the first person in; may I say running into the water, and the last one willing to get out. I have always gravitated towards bodies of water whenever I am near it; watching the waves move from the blowing wind, taking notice of the glistening light and sparkle that the sun reflects when beaming over it. Overall, my personal admiration remains constant. The first time I travelled to Hawaii was a dream and a life shaping experience all in one. This is where a moment of transformative revival truly took place for me; where my psyche and spirit felt centered and connected as one. I often long to feel connected to nature, as it brings me closer to feeling better connected with myself. The landscape I resonate most with is Kalapaki Beach in Hawaii. Kalapaki Beach is symbolic to me in the sense of feeling inner peace. This landscape reminds me of how grateful I was to be surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. Knowing that this beautiful place is so far from reach, I truly appreciated where I was and experienced this place with a sense of utmost gratitude. #Humansinature #GetOutside #HINProject