Connect with Nature During Winter with Greenhouses

Throughout the warm months of spring and summer, people spend time in nature by walking and enjoying fresh air, planting flowers, and much more. During the winter months it becomes increasingly hard to spend time with nature like we normally do. Luckily, there may be a solution: greenhouses. With the use of greenhouses throughout the winter months, people can change their winter experiences for the better by increasing their contact with nature even when it’s cold outside!

What is a Greenhouse?

Greenhouses are glass or plastic buildings that are designed to maximize natural light and that plants are grown in to protect against cold weather. For most greenhouses, the typical temperature is between 65-70 degrees.

Why Have a Greenhouse?

Benefits include (Deanna, 2019):

  • Provides a protected place for seedlings and other tender plants.
  • Extends the growing season.
  • Allows you to grow tropical, rare, or other special plants.
  • May allow you to garden year-round.
  • Provides protection from many pests.

What Can I Grow in a Greenhouse?

You can grow many different plants in greenhouses, and you can also prolong the life of a plant from the summer or begin growing plants before it becomes warm again. Typical plants to grow in greenhouses include (Nash, 2003):

Citrus trees

  • When growing citrus trees, it can be difficult to grow to fruiting size in short-season gardens, but are an ideal plant for a greenhouse. 


  • Some gardeners start tomatoes in a greenhouse and then move them outside once the danger of frost has passed.


  • The sunlight and heat of the greenhouse helps bring the fruit to maturity.

Hot or mild peppers

  • Like tomatoes and eggplants, peppers are part of the Solanaceae or nightshade family. Peppers need warm temperatures, long days, and a long season to bring fruits to maturity. 


  • These plants require six to eight hours of sunlight and heat for their vines to grow, flower, and fruit. Watermelons, muskmelons (canteloupe), and honeydew can all be grown in greenhouses. 


  • These are popular greenhouse vegetable as they can produce many fruits in a small space.  

Sweet basil

  • This is a great plant to grow in a greenhouse because it needs six to eight hours of sun daily and thrives off of the greenhouses heat.


  • This plant can handle high temperatures and can grow nicely in a greenhouse.

This winter season, if you are feeling deprived from nature, try to visit a greenhouse and enjoy the warmth while looking at plants around you. Better yet, consider buying one, planting different flowers and fruits/vegetables, and sitting inside as you soak in the nature around you!

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