Okja: A take on science and nature !

If you are looking for a movie to bond with the family and your fury friends look no further. Okja, a 2017 film from South Korean filmmaker Bong Joon Ho might just be the answer! Known for his combination of action and horror genres with dark bite, Bong Joon Ho manages to sneak in environmental messages in his film. His latest vision Okja follows along a girl named Mija who lives in the beautiful, lush mountains of South Korea with her grandfather and their sweet genetically engineered pig, Okja!

The bond between these two is evident, but soon they are torn apart, thrust back into Okja’s creator -the Miranda meat corporation!

It’s no Disney fairytale the film is meant to be a depiction of the dark realities of animal laboratories and factory meat farms, the movie does take its dark turn, but there is a happy ending!

It’s dark, funny, cute, and carries with it a message of today’s state capitalism. The movie has a bit of everything from the beautiful scenery of the South Korean Mountains to the cute and lovable Okja and the beautiful bond with Mija. This is certainly a film to catch with family!

Watch the trailer now !

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