Podcasts in Nature: National Park After Dark

If you are looking for a new podcast about nature, spooky themes, and true crime, National Park After Dark may be for you! Below are three episodes that I recommend for this fall season.

Photo from Tony Webster on Flickr

Episode 56- Abandon. National Park Ghost Towns

This episode features several National Parks within the United States, including the Cuyahoga National Park in Ohio, Wrangell St. Elias National Park in Alaska, and Lake Mead in Nevada and Arizona. They discuss the history of these parks, how they became abandoned, and what may lurk inside.

Photo from Anguskirk on Flickr

Episode 84- A Haunted Castle and Afternoon Tea. Exmoor National Park

This episode explores the moorlands of Exmoor National Park (pictured to the left)! They discuss the ghostly occurrences and terrifying history while giving recommendations of other places to explore in the area.

Episode 55- Legend Has It. Nahanni National Park Reserve

This episode contains several stories of vanished civilizations, ancient beasts, and long-lost gold. They explore various legends and how they have affected the region and its inhabitants.

Photo from Fort Simpson Chamber of Commerce on Wikimedia Commons

National Park After Dark features many stories about parks worldwide and is a great way to learn the history of their feature parks. As they say, remember to enjoy the view but watch your back!

*Featured image is from the National Park Service, Alaska Region (Hubbard Glacier, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve).

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