Personal Story: Tess

Beginning at a young age, I went to an outdoor overnight camp. For 7 summers in a row, I spent 4 weeks outdoors at this camp, and for my last summer I chose to stay 8 weeks rather than 4 because I loved it so much. Each day we ate our meals outdoors, had bonfires, and had different outdoor activities of our choosing. My favorite outdoor activities were horseback riding, water skiing/wakeboarding, and outdoor living skills. This time spent in nature every summer from ages 10-16 made a large impact on how I choose to cope with different stressors in my life, and greatly influenced my love for nature. Whenever I am really stressed out or am overthinking something, I like to walk outside and play music as I focus on taking deep breaths of fresh air while looking at the world around me. Enjoying nature from such a young age really made a difference in how I cope with daily stressors and has made an impact on my mood and ability to complete tasks throughout the day. 

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