Maya’s Humans in Nature Weekly Journal

Journal Entry: 02/15/21 – 02/21/21

This week’s weather was extremely cold. Consistent snowfall and ice covered the sidewalks and streets. I was also very preoccupied this week; may I say drowning in school work. After attending my lectures and completing other daily school requirements, I was especially stressed for my first big exam in my human development and recreation course. To apply a source of nature in my routine, and reduce stress when I found needed, I decided to take breaks and color! I thoroughly enjoy an adult coloring book while listening to some music. And so far, I have colored one of my favorite places: Honolulu Hawaii!

I have traveled to Hawaii before, and long to revisit once this pandemic subsides. Coloring is a creative way for me to appreciate the natural elements Hawaii has to offer even when being so far from reach. Coloring also allows me to regroup myself when taking breaks, and found that it was a creative way that relieved some of my stress. Not to mention at times I gained a sense of being away! I can happily say taking breaks to color throughout my week has helped me regroup mentally when stress levels felt high, and provided me a positive space through my stressful work-days.

A picture I took of what I colored this week

Journal Entry week 2:

02/22/21 – 02/28/21

The snow and ice outside seem to be melting this week which makes me very excited! Personally though, this was another heavy work week regarding school. I found myself stuck inside most often than not, spending hours staring at my computer screen. What keeps me motivated during my busy school weeks is finding time to get outside and breathe in some fresh air. Normally I will drive around and listen to some music, take short walks around my neighborhood, or work outside on my balcony if the weather permits. The weather forecast for this weekend was predicted to be nicer than usual, and so I made sure to take advantage of spending more time outside over the weekend. After traveling safely back home, on Saturday I visited my beloved quarries in Lemont Illinois. I spent a few hours walking around the designated walking paths and was pleased to see many other people utilizing these paths. I also stopped to check in and say hello to some of my fellow coworkers that also work at the quarries! It was refreshing to say the least, but I especially enjoyed taking in some sunshine.

Pictures I took at Lemont Quarries while visiting fellow co-workers.

Journal Entry week 3:

03/01/21- 03/07/21

March is finally here, and spring is just around the corner! This week I spent the majority of my free time completing a to-do list of chores around my school apartment. When cleaning, I enjoy opening up my windows to bring in some daylight and fresh air. I have always been particular about my space or bedroom feeling fresh and having moving circulated air flow. The apartment I lived in prior to my current one practically had no windows and no ceiling fans; my bedroom would constantly feel like a dark and hot stuffy box of a room. I’m thrilled that my new apartment has nice big windows and ceiling fans that keep my bedroom and space feeling bright and airy instead of warm, still, and stuffy. After many loads of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, sweeping the floors and dusting, I then travelled back home for the weekend. To further tackle my expected school work load, I decided to study and accomplish school tasks at my nearest Mariano’s; they offer a nice seating area surrounded by more windows! My dad also came along and brought his school stuff too, since he is currently taking his last college course before he gets his degree! I appreciate that this seating area has bright big windows, and is surrounded by many “plants” and a water fountain sculpture. It is also convenient that many yummy snacks are also nearby. This was a nice change of scenery to study and accomplish school work. This study spot also allowed me to feel close to the outdoors without physically being outside.

Pictures I took where I studied

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