Jennifer: Week 1

Day 1: On the 7th day of my 30 day yoga challenge, it’s helping me move and stretch my body from being on a couch or bed all day.

Day 2: Had Zoom meetings and classes all day. I had a hard time maintaining focus because I was locked in my bedroom from morning to night. I put a 10-hour Ocean YouTube video to keep my room serene. I did my 8th day of yoga before bed which was nice.

Day 3: Finally reached Friday. My friends and I decided to Zoom and have our own mini happy hour while playing interactive games with our phones. It was hard and did not have the same feeling, but it was nice to see everyone’s face.

Day 4: Missed yesterday’s yoga challenge so I did day 9 and 10 today. Today I am just doing basic apartment tasks. Having a possible game night with my roommates tonight.

Day 5: Sunday is still the day of more homework. My daily routine has become yoga and homework and more stretching when I don’t feel like doing homework anymore.

Day 6: Monday was more class and meetings. I had a hard time focusing today. My roommates and I went on the quad to soak up the sun and play cards.

Day 7: Besides yoga and homework, I’m starting to experiment with more recipes. I am enjoying my new found hobby for cooking and yoga.

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