Rachel: Week 1

Wednesday 3/25

Needed some fresh air so I went on a walk with my mom and dog through the park near my house

Thursday 3/26

I was very stressed out so I decided I should start doing yoga again. I did a 30 minute yoga video on Youtube (yoga with Adrienne)

Friday 3/27

My family and I watched a comedy movie because we all needed a good laugh. The movie was called Game Night with Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams.

Sat 3/28

The weather was not the nicest this day, but I went on a quick walk with my dad and brother. I also like doing Zumba/ dance workouts so I did a quick 20 minute video on Youtube.

Sun 3/29

I wanted to get in a good workout so I did a 40 minute dance workout on Youtube. (Fitness Marshall)

Monday 3/30

We had a family game night! We played 2 rounds of Scattegories and of course my dad won. I also did a 20 minute yoga practice. 

Tuesday 3/31

My dad’s friend was having a coloring contest on Facebook, so we printed out the coloring sheet and my entire family sat down an colored for 30 minutes!

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